Caving & Potholing


Caving in Northern Ireland is isolated to the unique limestone geology of County Fermanagh, which is rich in caves and potholes. Access to the caves in the area is strictly controlled for safety and conservation reasons. Cave exploration should only be carried out by trained cavers using the correct equipment and with a thorough knowledge of the area and its systems. Most Fermanagh caves are wet with active underground streamways that may rise quickly during heavy rain.

The two cave systems in the area are the Tullybrack – Belmore Uplands and the Cuilcagh Mountain area. The caves in the former area are mostly vertical pothole entrance shafts that often enter extensive horizontal systems. They include the Knockmore/Pollaraftra area, Noon’s hole, the Reyfad/Carrickbeg system and the Boho/Aghanaglack River Area.

Cuilcagh Mountain is honeycombed by extensive cave systems, many of which contain large, mature passages with few vertical sections. The southern slopes of Cuilcagh are home to the Pollnagossan caves, the Shannon system and Ture Rising System while to the north on Marlbank, the Marble Arch Caves, Prod’s Pot, Cascades and Tullyhona Rising Cave are actively explored.

Caving in Fermanagh is widely regarded as an enjoyable but challenging activity that allows cavers to appreciate the wonderful underground beauty of the region. Caving is carried out by groups of local experienced cavers or through activity centres that are ideal for the beginner or those not familiar with the area. For those who would prefer a safe and controlled visit to a cave environment a trip to The Marble Arch Caves Global Geopark is the perfect way to satisfy your curiosity!

Marble Arch Caves

Marble Arch Caves are one of Europe’s finest showcaves allowing visitors to explore a fascinating, natural underworld of rivers, waterfalls, winding passages and lofty chambers. Lively and informative guides conduct tours past a bewildering variety of cave formations. Explore the world of stalactites & stalagmites from the electrically powered boats gliding through huge caverns along a subterranean river.