Destination Fermanagh

Destination Fermanagh

During 2005 the Destination Fermanagh Tourism Strategy was developed by key tourism partners in Fermanagh and was intended to guide the development of tourism in Fermanagh over a ten year period. The vision was that by the end of that period, in 2016, Fermanagh would once again be the third largest tourism destination in Northern Ireland with a visitor spend exceeded only by Belfast and the Causeway Coast.  This group included Fermanagh District Council, Fermanagh Lakeland Tourism and the Northern Ireland Tourist Board, with assistance from external consultants who conducted an extensive consultative process, through which the strategy was devised, endorsed and launched in 2006.

Since the launch of this strategy in 2006, much work has been completed, as detailed in a Tourism Strategy Update document published in October 2010.  Consequently further consultations were carried out in September 2012 with the local tourism industry to prioritise developments and activity and to consider improved delivery.

Since the Destination Fermanagh process commenced, a new Draft NI Tourism Strategy to 2020 has been published. It identifies a number of Tourism Areas, one of which is the Fermanagh Lakelands. It is now appropriate that a new Tourism Area Plan is devised, which will be informed by the Destination Fermanagh Strategy but also recognise the changing economic environment and the importance of ensuring that tourism in the Fermanagh Lakelands reaches the necessary potential to reach the ambitious targets set in the NI Tourism Strategy.  In addition, this strategy will acknowledge that the region requires a competitive advantage that differentiates us from other destinations.  

For more information on Destination Fermanagh download the latest update here:

Click here to download the Fermanagh Lakelands Tourism Area Plan 2013 to 2020 (PDF)

Who delivers the Destination Fermanagh strategy?

The development of the Fermanagh Lakelands Tourism Area Plan takes cognisance of the already established Destination Fermanagh Partnership and the Strategic and Implementation Plans that have already been produced. The Destination Fermanagh Steering Group will oversee and drive the implementation of the Area Plan, review the existing strategy and work in partnership with the public and private sectors to ensure that the actions are completed.

The Destination Fermanagh partnership has drawn representatives from both the private and public sectors. Over 80 individuals are now involved in this partnership, including a number of Delivery Groups which focus on Training & Visitor Servicing, Infrastructure, Events, Recreation & Activity and History & Heritage.

Destination Fermanagh Organisaitonal Chart

Fermanagh Lakeland Tourism will continue to oversee the marketing of Fermanagh as a destination, but also undertake specific marketing for identified projects within the Destination Fermanagh Strategy. In addition, efforts have been made to engage with the community at large to get them involved in the delivery of tourism in the county. This engagement is key to the overall experience that visitors have with our region and we aim to continue to build relations with our wider community.

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