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Easter Bunny Trail at Lusty Beg Island Fairy Trail

Kesh, Enniskillen, 15 Apr - 29 Apr


Once upon a time...

On the small Island of Lusty Beg there lived two fairies; Ruby, the good fairy who always loved helping the other fairies, and Noah, the mischievous fairy who loved getting into trouble. Within the grounds of Lusty Beg, a unique magic tree stands high and mighty. It gives out a daily spray of magic fairy dust for the local fairies to store for all the good folk who walk along the trail. One day, Noah decided to play a trick on the other fairies, by removing the box of dust and hiding it somewhere in the grounds of Lusty Beg Island.

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Boa Island
County Fermanagh
BT93 8AD
Tel: (028) 6863 3300


Children £5
Adults £2

NB. This map is based on the postcode and so may not reflect the exact location